Jul 18

Ori Martin, gas comes in a 5-km long underground pipeline

An underground pipeline running for 5 km allows steel plant Ori Martin to receive all gas supplies, necessary for its activities to run. This success is the result of the collaboration between the steelmaker and Air Liquide Italia Produzione, part of Air Liquide Group; a company specialized in the production and distribution of technical gases to large industrial systems.

The new underground pipeline allowed Ori Martin to connect to the existing oxygen pipeline in the area, notably the segment between Ospitaletto and Brescia. Air Liquide is in charge of a network of underground pipelines extending for about 650 km, and covering the main industrial areas of Sicily, Sardinia and Northern Italy. For the 5 km in question, controlled horizontal drilling has allowed for a reduced impact on the surrounding area, keeping construction sites to the minimum.

Compared to liquid gas supply via tankers, the mill’s supply through the interred pipeline has significant advantages in terms of safety, practicability and environmental impact. Primarily, this new supply reduces the amount of circulating tank lorries by 1,250 a year, and as a consequence it reduces yearly emissions of CO2 (estimated around 270 tonnes); nitrogen oxide (by 2,100 kg) and particulate matter (by 160 kg).

Moreover, Air Liquide funded and supervised tree planting activities along Brescia’s river Mella and significant woodland maintenance works on Mount Maddalena, investing overall €160,000. Andrea Agnelli, CEO for Ori Martin underlines: «In Air Liquide we found a technological partner who provided excellent responses to all our needs. With this new system Ori Martin confirms its commitment to internal and external safety, and to a reduced environmental impact, by lowering the number of lorries entering and leaving the mill».


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