Aug 16


Market scenario and positioning

According to the World Steel Association, in 2015 the amount of steel the global market produced was 1,621 million tons, with a -2.9% decrease compared to the previous year. The producers from the Eastern realm produced almost 1,096.3 million tons, despite a -2.2% contraction, and the most significant performance came from China, which contributed to the 49.6 % of the total global production, with 803.8 million tons, figure that dropped -2.3% compared to the previous year.

The European Union saw a contraction of -1.8% from 2014, with a total production of 166.2 million tons of steel. Compared to the 210 million tons produced in 2007, this decrease is -20.9%. Italy, whose production is of 22.0 million tons, saw an additional decrease of -7.2% from 2014, even though it is still ranked at the 11th place among global producers. The other European countries’ performances were discordant: Germany (42,7 M.t, -0,5%) maintained the production level of the previous year, France (15,0 M.t, -6,8%) and the United Kingdom (10,9 M.t, -9,9%) saw a clear reduction, while Spain (10,9 M.t, -9,9%) has almost exceeded France’s production output.

The O.R.I. Martin SpA Group

The ORI Martin group is specialized in the production of quality steels for mechanical applications and the construction industry.
The consolidated financial statement of the group consists of the financial statement of O.R.I. Martin SpA, the parent company, as well as the financial statements of the companies whose majority of shares it holds.

  • The sales revenues were € 403.4 million with a -4.2% decrease compared to 2014 (421.0).
  • The net income was € 8.9 million after € 36.3 million depreciations and provisions, of whom € 13.2 million from revaluation pursuant to Italian law 147/2013.
  • The operating performances were positive: EBITDA was € 53.0 million, 13.1% of the revenue, and the cash flow was € 51.2 million, 12.7% of the revenue.


The group has a relevant share of the European market for special steels for the automotive industry, and maintains a stable positioning in the construction market.

The factory in Brescia, Italy houses a steel shop and a rolling mill for the production of long quality steels for mechanical applications; in Cologne (Italy) there is a production plant for cold finishing operations on the rolled steels, while in Ceprano, in the Lazio region, there are a rolling mill for the rebar in coils and bars as well as a working plant for cold drawing operations and the production of P.C. strand. Tie rods for geotechnical applications are produced in Corbetta (MI)...