Re-bars in coils

Rebars in coils

Ori Martin in the Ceprano (Fr) plant produces rebars in coils for construction applications, The rebars in coils are certified by the producer with the qualification test require by the IUAV Official Laboratory of University of Venice.

Official authorizations and quality certificates are available in the ‘Download area / certificates’

Diameter Range: 
8 - 16 mm
Coil Weight: 
1,2 ton
B450C / FeB44K

ORI Martin - Ceprano

Via Oger Martin
03024 Ceprano
Phone: +39 0775 91771
Fax Number: +39 0775 912594

Zimpo Mario
Via Oger Martin, 21
Ceprano FR
Phone: +39 0775 91771
Fax Number: +39 0775 912594

Tel: +39 0775 91771
Fax: +39 0775 912594

Billet warehouse

The billets, with 140x140mm and 160x160mm cross-sectional dimensions and 12 m length, are picked from the warehouse depending on the open orders and prepared for being loaded into the furnace.

Heating furnace

Rolling takes place with carbide rollers at very high speeds at controlled temperatures.


Roughing is the first operation in the rolling process; it occurs at low speed through a series of stands containing cast iron rollers that effect an initial reduction of the billet's cross-sectional dimensions.

Rolling train

POMINI FARREL comprising 14 RED RING stands for producing round ribbed products in bars measuring 12–32 mm in diameter.

Finishing monobloc

POMINI FARREL type MB 260, with four stands (two vertical and two horizontal) and two lines, for producing bars with a diameter of 8–10 mm.


The wire then enters a coil-shaped tube that rotates and acquires the shape of overlapped coils.


Cooling conveyor

Two conveyors gather the coils and cool the steel through eight fans per line. The coils are gathered in a coil-forming pit equipped with a stacker. The coils thus formed, weighing 1.2 tons, are sent to a DANIELI aerial conveyor equipped with 115 hooks, via a robotised transformer and tilting cradle.


From the aerial conveyor the cooled coils are reversed onto a conveyor and sent to the single-coil press binder then to the binding unit which forms packs consisting of 3 coils weighing 3.4–3.6 tons. DANIELI plant.

Coil warehouse

The coil warehouse covers an area of roughly 2,000 m2. Bridge cranes or lift trucks are used to move the coils produced and loading them onto trucks.

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